Meditation Music

Many people find the use of using music for meditation very useful for aiding the process of focus, eliminating distracting thoughts and providing the right sonic atmosphere perfect for inner voyages.

One genre of music that is consistantly used for spiritual practices, yoga and meditation is that of new age music. This kind of music is a genre that began in the 70’s and has seen a variety of sub genres emerge. Its most well known for use of atmospheric keyboards and synthesisers that paint beautiful and mysterious musical landscapes. There have been new age albums of guitar or piano or traditional Indian and Tibetan instruments too.

These days the genre is still going strong and there are hundreds of artists worldword creating music for meditation, spa music and yoga music etc. On our blog, we will bring you the best music available for meditation that will help you in your contempltions or yoga exercises. Dont forget. This kind of instrumental music is also excellent for relaxation or stress reduction. It doesnt contain any uptempo or aggressive beats but just flows and stimulates and relaxes.

The video below is a good starting point and contains over three hours of music as described abpove. So light those candles and the incense oif give it a play. We will be posting more music later plus resources where you get free downloads. Om!

Ive just come across a gem of a youtube video. Youtube is a great resource for meditation music and can provide hours of sublime sound for all your meditation needs! this one particular video has 8 hours! (i kid you not) of really beautiful and tranquil music. Take a listen. We will posting more meditation resources soon! Om!

Guided Meditations

So, there are so many ways to meditate. Guided meditation is a different kettle of fish but useful to both beginners and veterans. If you are just starting out then assisted meditation may help, espescially if you have one of those busy minds that just wont keep still and can’t stop buzzing around with all those distractions.

Wherever you are in the universe of contemplation, guided meditations are very valuable. They are often written and narrated by people who have years of expireince in spirituality. They have the abilty to guide you through a whole range of subjects. there are meditations for happines, abundance, love, name it.

I found this video below that is a meditation for healing. its a bit spacey but thats good. I guess the more we can get out of our minds (in a good way) the better….Till next time folks…happy meditating




Guided Meditation

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